Diabetes is one of the most challenging health problems globally, incurring staggering health, societal, and economic impact. We believe our platform technology will provide insulin dependent diabetes patients with long-term insulin independence, which would transform the lives of patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

We are developing and bringing to the clinical stage a technology which involves the use of patient own mature tissue to generate functional insulin producing autologous cells via Transdifferentiation.

Historically, islet cell transplantation has been considered a promising option and has established that cell therapies can help manage the symptoms of the disease. Nevertheless, the shortage of pancreatic islets from cadaver donors and the need for immune suppression makes pancreatic islets transplantation impractical for number of patients.

Orgenesis' approach overcomes these obstacles by developing a new source of beta cell replacement with three main advantages over any other beta-cell transplant approach:

  • It releases patients from daily blood glucose monitoring, numerous insulin injections and watching food intake and exercise.
  • It allows the continuous control of blood glucose levels, which prevents diabetes related complications.
  • It overcomes the shortage in tissue available for islet cells transplantation.
  • It is inserted through an autologous transplant, thus avoiding the risk of transplant rejection.
  • No recurrent autoimmune attack on the transplanted beta cells, thus avoiding the need of immunosuppressant treatments.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • Recovery is expected to be fast.