Orgenesis' Transdifferentiation process is a platform technology that has potential application across hundreds of indications. The first indication the company is pursuing is for the treatment of severe diabetes following Total Pancreatectomy (TP). The Company also plans to target insulin dependent diabetes. Both of these therapies involve the use of Autologous Insulin Producing ("AIP") cells that transforms the patient's own liver cell into a fully functional and physiologically glucose-responsive insulin-producing cell, designed to provide long-term insulin independence.

The transdifferentiated liver cells have the capacity to secrete the produced insulin in a glucose-regulated manner in-vitro and in-vivo making it ideally suited for insulin dependent diabetes and patients that have undergone a pancreatectomy. Moreover, this treatment ameliorates hyperglycemia and maintains a stable body weight in diabetic mice.

We are actively exploring a number of other areas of development for our platform technology.