Cell therapy is estimated to be a $32 billion1 market and growing rapidly. Cell therapy is the prevention or treatment of human disease by the administration of cells that have been selected, multiplied and manipulated outside the body (ex vivo). To date, the most common type of cell therapy has been the replacement of mature, functioning cells through blood and platelet transfusions. Several of these cell therapies are now standard of practice world-wide and are typically reimbursed by insurance.

In the last decade, cell therapy and regenerative medicine products have gained significant importance, particularly in the fields of ex-vivo gene therapy and immunotherapy. While academic and industrial research has led scientific development in the sector, industrialization and manufacturing expertise remains insufficient.

Orgenesis has built a platform of know-how and expertise for a multitude cell therapies, including autoimmune, oncologic, neurologic and orthopedic diseases, among other indications. Orgenesis provides services for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as research institutions and hospitals that have cell therapies in clinical development. Each of these customers represents a significant revenue and growth opportunity upon regulatory approval.

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