The Orgenesis Cell & Gene Therapy Biotech Platform provides an alternative to the centralized autologous cell therapy processing and supply chain model that exists today. The Cell & Gene Therapy Biotech Platform involves three primary components: (a) POCare Therapeutics, a pipeline of licensed cell and gene therapies (CGTs), and proprietary scientific knowhow; (b) POCare Technologies, a suite of proprietary and in-licensed technologies which are engineered to create customized processing systems for affordable point of care therapies; and (c) POCare Network, a collaborative, international ecosystem of leading research institutes and hospitals committed to clinical development and supply of CGTs at the point of care.

Orgenesis Cell & Gene Therapy Biotech Platform

POCare Therapeutics

There are hundreds of promising therapies in clinical development, but the challenge is to design a specific manufacturing process to make them affordable, accessible and available to the wide patient population. Orgenesis is accessing advanced scientific innovations and enabling their transformation into commercially viable therapies.

Orgenesis will continue to expand its pipeline of promising new therapies and create an efficient pathway for regulatory approval, thus enabling wide-scale access to these life-changing treatments.

Orgenesis creates its own long-term revenue opportunities through exclusive processing licenses and royalties.

The result is a combination of a valuable source of potential revenue to Orgenesis and its network partners, in addition to reducing costs to the healthcare system and improving patient care.

POCare Technologies

To enable these point of care facilities, Orgenesis works with its partners to build customized, automated processing systems which are integrated with specific therapies in order to streamline cell therapy production in a GMP compliant manner.

These advanced systems will solve a variety of processing hurdles:

  • Lower required grade of clean room, simplifying facility management requirements
  • Enabling multi-batch processing per clean room, requiring reduced technical staffing
  • Localized processing eliminates many logistical difficulties associated with traditional centralized manufacturing and transport
  • Faster turnaround, increased safety, and improved QC (Quality Control) management on-site

These closed systems, once integrated for a particular therapy, provide a highly scalable and low-cost solution to the processing of autologous therapies.

POCare Network

A foundation of the Orgenesis Cell & Gene Biotech Platform is a collaborative network that will allow the development, implementation and distribution of more therapies at the point of care.

Our objective is to enable hospitals to make and provide cell and gene therapies at affordable costs for their patients. We do this by multi-center clinical development of personalized cell and gene therapies, and validation of on-site automated processing at leading hospitals around the globe.

There are a range of benefits for all participants:

  • Orgenesis’ partners gain access to extensive expertise in process development, operational excellence, and access to a broad network of like-minded institutions.
  • Patients and the global healthcare market benefit from reduced costs, improved safety, and access to more clinical-stage research programs.
  • Orgenesis gains access to shared development programs, facilities management, and new and promising therapies and technologies.