The future of treatment for many of the most challenging diseases in the world resides in personalized cell and gene therapy. These expensive and complex therapies have proven highly effective in multiple cases but the challenge remains of producing them at scale and at a reasonable cost.

Orgenesis’ Cell & Gene Therapy Platform provides a pathway for groundbreaking autologous therapies to become commercially available on an industrial scale and at prices accessible to large populations.

Orgenesis is working in partnership with leading hospitals and research institutes to develop a global network of cell and gene therapy centers of excellence. These point of care (POCare) centers will leverage Orgenesis’ technologies, expertise, and know-how to provide highly scalable and cost-effective processing solutions to patients.

The development of these POCare centers will result in valuable economics for Orgenesis and its partnership network on both clinical-stage therapies in development and future approved products to which Orgenesis has secured royalty or IP rights.

Autologous therapies are produced from a patient’s own cells instead of mass-cultivated donor cells. This is a substantial segment of the cell and gene therapy market. These therapies are derived from a treated patient and manufactured through a rigorous, defined protocol before re-administration. As a result, this involves a set of highly complex supply, logistics, and orchestration chains. For patients and healthcare providers alike, the complexity of the supply chains increases risk. In addition, current centralized manufacturing processes significantly contribute to these therapies’ high price tags.

The Orgenesis POCare model is to work in partnership with leading healthcare providers globally. Orgenesis will support these hospitals to design and manage localized solutions, and to implement customized, automated, closed systems and know-how to process select cell therapies at each POCare site.

As a result, Orgenesis will be able to substantially reduce costs throughout the value chain, and bring autologous therapies to patients at a lower price point and with reduced risks. Orgenesis’ decentralized solution can be replicated and scaled at hospitals and other point of care settings worldwide.