Orgenesis’ initial product is a single overall clinical treatment for the diabetic patient. The diabetic patient serves as the donor of their own therapeutic tissue.

In a clinical center, a standard liver biopsy is taken from the patient and sent to a central laboratory where Orgenesis technology would be used to produce, from the biopsy, a sufficient amount of AIP (Autologous Insulin Producing) cells and delivers them back to the clinical center. The AIP cells are then transplant back to the patient’s liver in a standard infusion procedure.

Orgenesis aims to develop this new therapeutic mix including the new functional AIP cells, and will provide the treatment process and protocols. Orgenesis will also provide bio-banking of such cells for future use. Future products shall include conversion of the diabetic patient's skin fibroblasts into insulin producing cells that may be incorporated into disposable skin patches.

AIP cells; procedure steps from liver biopsy till transplantation


The Orgenesis technology is secured by U.S. and European patent applications - some issued and additional applied for as of 2004. The technology is held under license from Tel Hashomer - Medical Research, Infrastructure and Services Ltd.

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